Auto Hybrids and EVs in Louisville, KY


Soaring gas prices got you down? Then it’s time to upgrade to a hybrid or fully-electric vehicle, and Oxmoor Auto Group is the perfect place to do so! Not only will a hybrid or electric vehicle save you money on gas and maintenance costs, but you are also entitled to federal tax credits and other incentives for your environmental stewardship. What’s not to love? So, what is the difference between a hybrid and an electric vehicle? Oxmoor Auto Group has all the details you need below. Find out if the EV lifestyle is right for your travels, and check out our vast new vehicle inventory to explore your options from all of your favorite automakers!   

What’s the Difference Between Hybrid and Electric Vehicles? 

Hybrid Vehicles

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly vehicle that doesn’t disrupt your daily routine with the need to charge it, a hybrid vehicle is perfect for you. A hybrid vehicle consists of a gasoline engine and electric motor working together to propel your vehicle forward, helping to boost your gas mileage significantly. Here is what you should know about hybrid vehicles:

  • Typically cheaper than EVs.
  • You can fuel up at any gas station.
  • The battery self-charges as you drive – no need to plug in.

Electric Vehicles

If your daily routine consists of a lot of quick trips around , you owe it to yourself to check out an EV! Operating on a battery and electric motor, electric vehicles are capable of driving over 200 miles on a single charge and completely eliminate the need for gas. That said, EVs need to be charged at home or at a public charging station. Benefits of electric vehicles include:  

  • Freedom from high gas prices.
  • Flexible charging options.
  • Reduced maintenance (no oil changes or engine maintenance).
  • Lack of engine noise allows for a quieter ride.
  • Potential federal tax credit of up to $7,500 and other incentives based on your location.

Why Buy from Oxmoor Auto Group?

When it comes to making the switch to an electric vehicle, we at Oxmoor Auto Group understands that you may feel hesitant. Fortunately, our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect EV or hybrid vehicle for your needs. And with nine different automotive brands to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Oxmoor Auto Group. Whether you have a complex credit history or are unsure whether to lease or buy, our finance experts will get you into the right hybrid or EV at the right price!

Go Green with Oxmoor Auto Group Today!

When you’re ready to experience a hybrid vehicle or want to learn more about the EV lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Oxmoor Auto Group or visit us during normal business hours! We’re here to ensure your transition to a hybrid or electric vehicle is easy and stress-free.