Special Finance Written Testimonials


“Loving my new Mazda6 and it’s all due to you guys. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.”

1/17/2017 Fred U. from Louisville, Kentucky 40504

“The Lord has blessed me with a new car. Thank you to Mr. Troy for all their help.”

1/12/2017 Lonnie H. from Louisville, Kentucky 40512

“Bought my car from the special finance guys last year and came back. Got a newer car and my payment went DOWN. Crazy. I love you guys!”

1/10/2017 John T. from Louisville, Kentucky 40229

“Excellent experience! I cannot say enough good things about how I was treated and the great job you all did. It was simple and easy. Great job.”

12/26/2016 Mike W. from Prospect, Kentucky 40059

“I’m in disbelief. My ex wrecked my credit and I’ve gotten turned down multiple times. you guys are freakin’ wizards!”

12/19/2016 Lou M. from Jeffersonville, Indiana 47131

“Surprisingly simple and fast and they’re not rude like some places across town. you’re good people to work with. Thanks.”

12/11/2016 Clyde I. from Louisville, Kentucky 40229

“My mother got a car from ocsmoor special fiannce last month and recommend them to me. they got me approved with no credit. good experence.”

12/2/2016 – Abel C. from Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

“Far and away the best experience I’ve had buying a car. Couldn’t have been easier. Thank you so much for all your hard work!”

11/24/2016 – Louis M. from Louisville, Kentucky 40207

“NOw I know why they’re so popular. If you’ve got credit issues, check them out. Great bunch of people.”

11/17/2016 – Sebastian P. from Radcliff, Kentucky 40160

“Super easy. Paperwork wasn’t as bad as they say. And the cars were much nicer than I’ve seen other places. Highly recommened.”

11/13/2016 – Wyatt E. from Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701

“I normally stick close to home, but made the trip to Louisville to buy a car. So glad I did. Troy works miracles. Thank you Oxmoor!”

11/1/2016 – Len R. from Glasgow, Kentucky 42141

“Well, that was easy! Why didn’t I do this before? My little Nissan is awesome. You guys ROCK!”

10/22/2016 Buddy T. from Lexington, Kentucky 40526

“Other places turned me down because of my bankrupcy, but Oxmoor Auto Group did not. Still can’t believe it! Thanks!”

10/12/2016 Sam I. from Louisville, Kentucky 40213

“way to go Oxmoor! you did the impossible and i have a cool new truck. thanks to Troy and crew for their efforts.”

9/26/2016 Obie M. from Louisville, Kentucky 40218

“this was my first time with oxmore. they made everything easy. and my payments arent wasted now. recommend them to everyone.”

9/12/2016 Jack D. from Louisville, Kentucky 40207

“Wonderful car, easy process. what more can I say? thanks Troy and crew!”

8/28/2016 Bob E. from Louisville, Kentucky 40222

“I had bad experiences on Dixie and Preston but oxmoor changed my mind about special finance car lots. they helped. thank you.”

8/13/2016 Tony K. from Elizabethtown, Kentucky 40701

“good experience. no pressure. also fast and simple which was good. thanks!”

8/6/2016 Cindy L. from Louisville, Kentucky 40222

“Excellent work, guys. A BIG thank you to the Oxmoor Auto Group for helping get me financed on my 2012 Sonata”

7/26/2016 Wendell R. from Jeffersonville, Indiana 47190

“Thanks for all your help getting me a car. I appreciate it.”

7/15/2016  Barbie B. from Louisville, Kentucky 40504

“I feel very blessed to have found Oxmoor Special finance. They helped me find a car that fit my needs.”

7/7/2016 LeAndra R. from Louisville, Kentucky 40512

“The speccal finance ppl at Oxmore did a grate job. Im very happy with my Mazda3. Thanks guys!” 

6/29/2016 Betty M. from Louisville, Kentucky 40229

“i was easier than i expected. the folks at oxmoor were very professional and helpful. i recommend them highly.”

6/17/2016 Phil O. from La Grange, Kentucky 40056

“i know my credit was bad. it seems like i got rejected from every place in Louisville. but you guys took the time and got me a great car. i won’t forget it. thanks!”

6/13/2016 Marquette B. from Louisville, Kentucky 40213

“Wow! You guys did it! I cannot believe it! Thank you so much for helping me get my Corolla! I love it!!”

6/10/2016 Ron T. from Louisville, Kentucky 40218

“this was a good expereince. it was simple and easy. you guys took your time and treated me well. i will recomend you to my freinds and family.”

6/11/2016 Paula W. from Louisville, Kentucky 40207

“This is my second car financing with you guys. You helped me get financed last year and now I’m getting another vehicle for my wife. Thanks for all your help!”

6/9/2016 Billy D. from Louisville, Kentucky 40222

“I got an awesome Mazda3 that’s really affordable. Oxmoor Auto Group’s special finance department did a great job. Thank you!!!! :)”

6/7/2016 Antoinette J. from Elizabethtown, Kentucky 40701

“After my credit got trashed in the divorce, I didn’t know where to go. I assumed that no dealership would touch me since I had a foreclosure and a repo. I’m glad I took a chance. Thanks.”

6/5/2016 John R. from Louisville, Kentucky 40222

“I never thought I could get an SUV as nice as this. I just can’t believe you made it happen after so many rejections. You guys are amazing!!!! A BIG thank you from me and my family!”

6/5/2016 Selena O. from Jeffersonville, Indiana 47190

“i love my new 2013 corolla. thank you for helping me get the money i needed to buy it. i know it was a bit tougher than you expected, but it was soooo worth it right? i promise to send everyone i know to you guys. you’re the best! thanks!”

6/4/2016 Roberta B. from Louisville, Kentucky 40504

“My experience with Oxmoor’s Special Finance was very good. You treated me well and everything went very smoothly. I appreciate all of your hard work getting me an approval. Thank you again.”

6/3/2016 Bill A. from Louisville, Kentucky 40512

“I got a 2011 Ford Fusion and the monthly payment is very reasonable. I’m very pleased with Oxmoor’s special finance department. They did a great job.” 

6/1/2016 Tommy F. from Louisville, Kentucky 40229

“My business failed in 2008 and I had to declare bankruptcy. I avoided getting credit for a few years and so my credit scores were pretty low (500’s). Oxmoor did a great job of explaining the process and letting me know where I stood. Most places treated me like either a criminal or an idiot. I truly appreciate the help. You’ve earned my business.”

5/30/2016 Michael D. from Prospect, Kentucky 40059

“Excellent experience! I cannot say enough good things about how I was treated and the great job you all did. It was simple and easy. Great job.”

5/30/2016 Michael D. from Crestwood, Kentucky 40014

“I got a good car and a payment that works. What else can I say? You folks did a great job. Thank you for all your help!”

5/29/2016 Kitty J. from Jeffersonville, Indiana 47131

“Like I told you guys when we met, I don’t like dealerships and I don’t like car salesmen. But my credit’s awful and I don’t have any money. My buddy told me to go see the Oxmor special finance people and here I am. All in all, you guys are alright. The car’s nice and my payment is decent. I still don’t like car salesmen, but I’ll make an exception for you guys.”

5/27/2016 Bob W. from Louisville, Kentucky 40229

“I wanted a big honkin’ SUV, but I ended up with a small sedan. That’s ok. It’s less money and my payment is lower and my husband likes it. Heck, at least I got financed! Most places laughed when I showed them my credit scores! LOL! Thanks guys!”

5/26/2016 Fanny R. from Lexington, Kentucky 40526

“Simple, fast, and affordable. I’ve bought many cars over the years, but this was by far the best experience I’ve had in a long time. Thank you boys!”

5/24/2016 Iris E. from Louisville, Kentucky 40207

“thank you for helping me get financing for a car. it was much easier than i thought it would be. i finally got my truck!”

5/23/2016 Sonny M. from Louisville, Kentucky 40223

“The gentleman who helped me was very pleasant and polite. My credit is very new and I had difficulty achieving financing without a co-signor. Oxmoor Special Finance was very helpful and kind. Thank you.”

5/21/2016 Sanjeev L. from Louisville, Kentucky 40220

“Oxmoor took the time to work with me when no one else would. Thank you SO much for helping me! I love my new 2013 Camry!!! :)”

5/19/2016 Mary S. from Clarksville, Indiana 47129

“You guys did the impossible! Wow. I don’t know what you did or how you did it, but great job on the financing. I appreciate all your hard work! Thanks again!”

5/17/2016 Freddie I. from Louisville, Kentucky 40218

“you guys did a great job. i’m very happy with my versa. i will tell everyone i know to go to you guys for auto financing! thanks!”

5/14/2016 Mike R. from Louisville, Kentucky 40603

“When my vehicle was totaled, I found out that my credit was too bad to get financed. I tried a few places and was getting kinda bummed out. Fortunately, I was able to get things done over at Oxmoor. They did a great job. Very easy process.”

5/14/2016 Sam E. from Louisville, Kentucky 40213

“My experience was very good. The manager and salespeople are nice and treated me well. My 2011 Ford Focus is great. Thanks!”

5/12/2016 Sam E. from Louisville, Kentucky 40213

“Thanks for the help guys!!! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get a car, but you made it happen. Great job!!!!!!! :):):):):)”

5/9/2016 Kelly W. from Louisville, Kentucky 40205

“There are a lot of dealerships that say they can help people that have had bankruptcies and repossessions. I have both and no one wanted to even talk to me. The people at Oxmore helped when no one else would and I thank them for it.”

5/8/2016 Kelly W. from Lexington, Kentucky 40544

“I went to dealership on Dixie and it was bad. I did not feel comfortable the entire time and they were very rude. The people at Oxmoor’s special finance department were very nice. You guys were polite and helped me to understand the process. I learned a lot. Thanks for your help!”

5/8/2016 William C. from Louisville, Kentucky 40202

 “thanks for getting me the car financing. it was a good experience. no complaints.”

5/5/2016 Mike B. from Louisville, Kentucky 40203

 “I live in Bowling Green, KY. I try to buy local whenever I can. But no one locally could get me approved with my bad credit. I knew it was bad, but I thought SOMEBODY would help me. Guess not. My cousin in Louisville recommended Oxmoor Auto Group’s special finance department because they helped her a few months back. They were very cool. I got a 2012 Hyundai Elantra and I love it. Thank you!”

5/4/2016 Kaitlyn O. from Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

 “After my bankruptcy, I didn’t think I’d ever get my credit back on track. A few months back, I  applied for a bunch of car loans and got turned down almost everywhere. I don’t know how, but Oxmoor got me approved when no one could (or would). I recommend them highly.”

5/4/2016 Phillip R. from Louisville, Kentucky 40232

 “I got a 2013 Accord and I’m very happy. The terms are ok and it goes onto my credit report. No more buy here pay heres! Appreciate it fellas.”

5/4/2016 Mark M. from Louisville, Kentucky 40208

“Great job! I really appreciate all your hard work. You made the whole process simple and easy. Thanks!”

5/3/2016 Leslie D. from Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

“Outstanding customer service! Quick, friendly, and easy to deal with. I had a very good experience. Highly recommended.”

5/3/2016 Sirhan K. from Louisville, Kentucky 40209

“oxmore auto group special finance helped me get a car even though i just get child support and alimony. a lot of places weren’t able to help me cuz i got bad credit, but they did. thank you for your hlep.” 

5/3/2016 – Bebe K. from Louisville, Kentucky 40232

“I’m 72 years old and retired. I haven’t bought a car in 20 years and when I recently went to get a car, I was shocked that the dealer wouldn’t finance me because I didn’t have any active credit. Even my bank said they would not help. Well, the good people at Oxmoor Auto Group actually wanted my business and didn’t penalize me because of my age or anything. They treated me fairly. I recommend them.”

5/2/2016 – Bernard H. from Louisville, Kentucky 40215

“i had very good sales with Oxmoor. nice car with very little money.”

5/2/2016 – Ming Z. from Louisville, Kentucky 40224

“don’t go to dixie or preston. these guys will help! i done the buy here pay here thing beofre and they dont report to credit!!!!!!! that didnt help my credit at all and the cars were bad. oxmoor auto group special finance did a grate job!!! im telling everbody.”

5/2/2016 – Penny G. from Clarksville, Indiana 47129

“Oxmore is great. tehy got me aproved for a toyota rav4 even tho i had a repo on my credit. thanks.”

5/1/2016 – DeShawn M. from Louisville, Kentucky 40201

“Wonderful! If you’ve got bad credit, I highly recommend Oxmoor Auto Group Special Finance! They helped me get a great little Nissan for less than I was paying before. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks!”

4/29/2016 – Betty W. from Louisville, Kentucky 40229

“thank you for all your help! i love my new Hyundai Sonata! You guys are awesome!”

4/28/2016 – Allyson H. from Louisville, Kentucky 40228

“Finally, a place that just gets the job DONE. I was went to a place out on Preston that was constantly asking for “one more thing.” The folks at Oxmoor special finance gave me a list of stuff I needed, showed me a few cars, gave me the numbers, and then got me approved. Easy as that. Why can’t everything be that simple?”

4/27/2016 – Freddie J. from Louisville, Kentucky 40225

“The Oxmoor Auto Group Special Finance Department did a phenomenal job getting me approved for auto financing. After my divorce, my credit was very bad – like below 500 bad. Mostly due to my ex’s credit cards. Anyway, my bank turned me down, even though I’ve been with them for 20 years. My friend recommended the folks at Oxmoor Special Finance. I was skeptical but they did not disappoint. They were real with me. They didn’t talk down to me, but they also didn’t pretend that it was no big deal. They were straight forward – told me what they needed and what the terms would be. In other words, they treated me like a competent adult. I appreciated that. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

4/25/2016 – John F. from Louisville, Kentucky 40207

“thanks for helpin. id never gotten a car without you help.”

4/24/2016 – Pete C. from Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

“This is the second vehicle I’ve gotten from Oxmoor’s special finance people. They helped me get a car right after my bankruptcy last year and now that I have a better job I decided to upgrade to a truck. If you have bad credit, I highly recommend them.”

4/24/2016 – Mike T. from Louisville, Kentucky 40208

 “I am so happy to recommend Oxmoor Auto Group Special Financing. I needed a vehicle because I wrecked my car two weeks ago. My credit isn’t good due to stupid stuff when I was younger. Anyway, I got into a cool little Mazda3. It’s better than my old car! LOL. Thanks guys!

4/22/2016 – Jennifer P. from Louisville, Kentucky 40203

“thank you to oxmoor for helping me. i was turned down three times. buy here pay here lots scared me. no body wanted to help. but troy and his guys took their time and got it done. i love my 2013 honda civic. thanks guys!”

4/20/2016 – Chrissy T. from Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

“My credit was positively awful, but Oxmoor Auto Group treated me with dignity and respect. They listened to my needs and found me a fantastic 2009 Toyota Camry with low miles. I never thought I could get a car this nice with credit so bad. I truly appreciate all the help Oxmoor Auto Group’s Special Finance Center did to help me achieve my goals. If you need auto financing but your credit is bad, give them a call. They helped me.”

4/19/2016 – Amber S. from Louisville, Kentucky 40207

“My wife left me with tons of credit card debt after our divorce. I had to declare bankruptcy and my car was repossessed. No one wanted to touch my credit application with a ten foot pole. Troy with Oxmoor Auto Group’s Special Finance said he could help. I was pretty skeptical, but he made a believer out of me. I was able to get approved for a loan, even with my bad credit. I got a great little Ford Ranger and they kept my payments under $300. Amazing. You guys are awesome! Thanks!”

4/17/2016 – Jim R. from Radcliff, Kentucky 40160

“I had a heart attack a few years ago and medical bills piled up. I got behind and my credit scores went down. I tried to fix it, but no one would help me. The guys over at Oxmoor Auto Group Special Finance Center took the time when no one else would. They’re good people and care about their customers. If you have credit problems, I highly recommend them. They treated me good.”

4/14/2016 – Betty F. from Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701

“these folks are good. they got me done and i didn’t pay a ton. my credit was bad but they helped.”

4/12/2016 – Billy W. from Glasgow, Kentucky 42141